A place to start

A Place to start

There are so many things to blog about and talk about.  The net is full of business blogs making fantastic noise across the airwaves.  Why one more I ask myself simply because I feel the need to create one, express myself and hopefully to be a part of scene.

I will express my oponion on what I see in the business world, what strikes me as interesting and my understanding of what I see.  Feel free to comment or engage.  Funny saying that knowing that right now there are only hackers and spammers autobots watching.  So with time we will see how it goes and what happens.

A little about me

I grew up in a small shop in South County Dublin.  Both parents ran business from here.  They were inspiring figures fun loving, enaging, and interesting ordinary folks and nothing really got in the way.  There were many problems alright, never seen as problems mind just as obstacles to be crossed, rounded, over or undered. It was a great way to grow up to be honest.  A lot of people like to call themselves entrepreneurs, my folks simply called themselves business people.  Over the years I thought of them as entrepreneurs.  Upon reflection I have moved from this and I now think that they were more like innovators.

They seemed to have the ability to spot and take things that others were not doing, or were doing and just add something to this to create someting different, a touch of magic that attracted people.  They did well along the way.

What this means for me

Growing up in in this environment has left me observing people all my life.  To be honest I am mystified all of the time as to what people will do and why the do it.  The human experience it is what life is all about!

This is a reflection essentially of my expierience of business, what I have learned, what I am learning, and what I hopefully will learn.  As what I have learned about myself is that this love of observation means that life long learning is a constant.

Enjoy and I hope that you find something useful in the blog to help you and your business.


Henry James






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